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    6th Floor, Office Tower (2), Times City, Kyun Taw Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon.,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

သင့်နှင့် သင့်တော်ရာအလုပ် မတွေ့ခဲ့လျှင် နောင်တွင် ကုမ္ပဏီမှ သင့်၏ CV ကို သိမ်းထား၍ သင့်တော်ရာ အလုပ်များရှိပါက ခေါ်နိုင်ရန် လျှောက်ထားလိုက်ပါ

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23 Jun 2024
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Aung Myo Myat

OSD Supervisor, Roll Out Technology Department

Clocking into a job where my manager is considerate of my time off, flexible with my schedule, and who even buys me lunch randomly is awesome. I have never worked that went out of their way to help me when I needed it. One of the benefits is the friendships that we made with the client and the company. I like the stability of this job. Overall, Ananda is more than just a job for me, it’s a place where I can go to forget all my worries, and each day be greeted by the happiness and laughter of team members. We build trust and strengthens our relationship through actionable projects.

Nay Win Tun

Senior Executive (Commercial Sales)

My day normally is spent as liaison by answering the customer questions, keep up the service and target during the fiscal year. We work as a family in office. I believe in my dreams, when you believe in yourself you automatically have the strength to persist, achieve and exceed your goals. I love my role and it is a perfect match for me.


Design Director

Ananda to me is more than just a job, or even a career. It’s a family that you grow with and you are more than just a number. I have moved up the ranks to run my own department. With hard work and dedication, I know my advancement won’t stop there. I carry that through to the people I manage. During the years whenever I may have had an issue, the company took sincere time to listen to my concerns. I truly believe that if you take pride in your work and are a valuable employee, the company will value you as an essential part of its business.

Naing Wai Yan


I am Naing Wai Yan, Director (Business Research and Development) at Ananda Digital Myanmar. I was heard and trusted from day 1 and am grateful for all the support for my professional development and upcoming opportunity to work intentionally. The workplace and culture is fantastic. I feel like part of something bigger and being part of Ananda Digital is something to be proud of. We are not just building tomorrow’s leader through the products and service we sell as a technology company but we are actively building stronger.


Head of Data Research

I’m Siva, Head of Data Research at Ananda Digital Myanmar. I had five non-negotiable conditions: a company that inspires me, a product that I feel passionate about, a position that challenges me and stretches me into different areas, management that encourages and empowers me to do my best and great work environment and team spirit. Ananda Digital Myanmar fulfils all these points. It’s a company that inspires me a lot. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture, and being part of a team that gives its best to make the next generation of trucks and bring forward new technology. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.

သင့်နှင့် သင့်တော်ရာအလုပ် မတွေ့ခဲ့လျှင် နောင်တွင် ကုမ္ပဏီမှ သင့်၏ CV ကို သိမ်းထား၍ သင့်တော်ရာ အလုပ်များရှိပါက ခေါ်နိုင်ရန် လျှောက်ထားလိုက်ပါ